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The Story Behind Parzel Express

This is where we tell you a bit about us and how we team up to bring success to every day businesses through hard work, strategy, efficiency and trust.

How it all started

When we got into the courier business in the UAE, neither of us knew how the industry operated. All we knew was that there were only a handful of good companies that provided reasonably satisfactory customer service, but then that came with a hefty price tag.

So there we went flaunting our business backgrounds thinking we had spotted a gap in the market and decided to start a courier company. From endless hours on the road looking for a place to set up shop, to pouring over the minutest details of branding, fleet, HR, software and other details that go along with starting a business, the company finally came alive in February of 2010. Looking back, those were the easy days and neither of us were prepared for the roller coaster ride that awaited us.

We rolled up our sleeves and got our hands dirty as this was the only way we would succeed if were to compete against the big boys. We learnt the industry from the ground up and within three years (with a merger rebranding us as Parzel, and a management buyout thrown in), we were well established in the market and only getting stronger.

We are proud to say that with over a hundred employees and an ever growing domestic fleet covering all the emirates in the UAE, we cater to some of the best of the best across a wide range of industries including e-commerce, hotels, insurance and banking to name but a few.

We hope to add you to our list of existing prestigious clients as we continue our journey and look forward to forging successful long term partnerships.

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